A Jesus-Following, Christian Community
in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Young Adult Share House Application Reference

Thank you for being willing to provide a reference for a short-listed applicant for our share houses. These houses are offered to Christian young adults between the age of 18-25 and a reference check is a vital part of the application process.

The questions are quite personal, but as the households are intentional Christian communities, not just an average share house, it’s vital to each house community that the right mix of people become part of the household – so this information will help us assess an applicant’s suitability to a particular house.

Your reference is 100% confidential and will only be seen by the pastoral support for the share houses, the share house property manager, and our Pastor. We may contact you for more information if we have any questions or need clarification.

We really appreciate your honest responses. Any questions or concerns we have arising from the information you provide may be discussed with the applicant (without identifying you) – but they will not see what you have written. If you leave a comment that you do NOT want to be raised with the applicant, please tell us.

If there is a question you are not comfortable answering, or simply don’t know, just write N/A.

Whatever information you can give will be appreciated, even if it’s only a few sentences. Any questions at all please contact our Share House Administrator directly on sha@hwbc.org.au

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