A Jesus-Following, Christian Community
in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Teenagers and young adults get a great night out at SUB Beanbag Gigs, a regular Under-18s and All-Ages music venue hosted in our hall. SUB provides a safe, welcoming space for artists and fans.

All our events are well supervised, strictly alcohol and drug-free (including the artists). SUB team volunteers are a mix of adults and teenagers, who get experience in event and crowd management, sound/lighting production, etc. All volunteers over 18 all have valid Working With Children Cards.

With a series of successful shows from artists such as Passenger, 5 Seconds of Summer, Skipping Girl Vinegar, New Empire, Drawing North, Woodlock, After the Curfew, Bribry and too many more to list here, we’re becoming known as the place to go for intimate youth-oriented shows in Melbourne!

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