A Jesus-Following, Christian Community
in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

The “Uncouth Group” is a youth group of teenagers who get up to lots of fun shenanigans together…life is an adventure and we’re supposed to be living it!

Who comes?
Year 6 to Year 12 are most welcome! While many of the Uncouth are part of HWBC, some are not, and you don’t have to be a Christian to get involved. Most of us live close to the church building, in Hawthorn, Richmond, and Kew, but some come from much further away, I guess because it’s so epic? 🙂

When is Uncouth?
We meet up on most Friday nights at 7pm during school terms (i.e. no events run during the school holidays), and have an annual weekend away, usually near the beach. Emails and Facebook are used to let everyone know what’s happening. Events finish at 9.30pm onsite, and 10:30pm if we go out.

What sort of things do the Uncouth do?
For example, in Term 1 & 2 we had a BBQ, games in the park, a glow in the dark night, an amazing race, a ninja night, gone to Bounce, had a bonfire night, watched and discussed movies, played mini-golf, eaten pizza and played board games. We plan in Term 3 & 4 to go rock climbing and swimming, have a nerf-gun war, do a murder mystery dinner, battle of the sexes night, and go to a beach house for the weekend.

Who runs Uncouth?
Mike Cutter, Youth & Young Adults Pastor, Uncouth Group, Hawthorn West Baptist ChurchOur Youth & Young Adults Pastor, Mike Cutter, leads a team of young adults (Noah, Sophie, Maddy & Jess) who run the youth group events. While we want to encourage young people to challenge themselves and connect with other young people, we believe every young person has the right to feel safe, so all Uncouth Leaders have Working With Children Checks and receive training in keeping young people safe.
Please Note: some nights will include Christian-focused material including the Bible, videos and open, thought-provoking discussion. We welcome young people of all faiths, family backgrounds, identities, life challenges etc.

Contact Mike Cutter for more info or to join our mailing list / Facebook group for events.