A Jesus-Following, Christian Community
in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Servants Community Housing

Servants Community Housing Inc is an independent, registered Rooming House Provider that we established over 25 years ago.

Servants has grown to operate affordable accommodation and safe housing in Hawthorn and Kew for nearly 90 people on low incomes.

Our passion is built around offering a structure in which vulnerable individuals—many of whom suffer from long-term mental illnesses—can live in relative comfort.

All too often we find our residents have been afforded little dignity or respect in their lives prior to being housed by Servants. Perhaps they have been homeless, they may have left a psychatric ward for the first time, experienced a relationship breakdown, loss of employment, substance issues… Residents find a safe and secure place with Servants and tend to stay with us for many years, enjoying a strong connectedness and sense of community. That’s because our model of housing is breathtakingly simple, founded on the belief that each individual is worthwhile.

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