A Jesus-Following, Christian Community
in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

We have a 30 year+ partnership with some churches in Chennai, India – supporting them financially, with prayer and training, and visiting when we can, hoping to share what we have learnt about following Jesus. In return we learn from our Indian brothers and sisters; they have helped us gain insight into life and faith in a pluralistic culture that is deeply resistant to the claims of Christianity, taught us much about living with less, trusting in God, and provided us with experiences of life and God’s love and mercy we couldn’t find anywhere else. Oh and let’s not forget the epic food!

We want to grow this relationship and increase the level of connection between our churches and are visiting with a group in November/December 2018. The photos below are from a small trip in 2012, a larger group visited in 2016. If you are interested in joining us please speak to Mike.