A Jesus-Following, Christian Community
in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Jesus Christ! Jesus of Nazareth. Son of God. Almighty King…

The real Jesus of the Bible has a unique message about who God is, who we are, what God is doing — and how we can be a part of God’s good plan for our world.

A message of great hope …

The evidence, from the accounts of His resurrection to the growth of the Church under violent persecution, to the incredible influence that Jesus has over lives of hundreds of millions – the evidence is strong that Jesus is alive in an astonishly real way, and that His claims and his message are powerful and true. We have found that the experience of following Jesus has changed and changes our lives, and continues to change the world.

If you think Jesus has nothing to offer you, you may have been sold a false Jesus! Why not join us on the journey of finding the real One …

Despite the failings of ‘The Church’ in many ways, we believe that gatherings of people who follow Jesus remain the primary way that God is working in this world, and this is what Jesus meant when he referred to his Church.

God is calling people to be His children; His eyes and ears, hands and feet; not to be idle or self-focused but to “Love the Lord your God with all your passion, intelligence and spirit, and love others like they were your own”.

If you’d like to know more, come and join us at Hawthorn West Baptist Church any Sunday at 10:30am