A Jesus-Following, Christian Community
in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Easter Services

Maundy Thursday, 6th April

7:30pm:        A Silent, Guided, Personal Retreat

Life can get rather crazy.  A silent, guided, personal retreat can help us to feel a little more peaceful in a crazy world.  Meditative background music, calm lighting, printed words, pictures and objects all combine to give you an opportunity to slow down and silently reflect in the presence of God.

In the worship space, 12 “Tables” will be set up, each focusing on different aspects of the Easter Narrative.  You will have a guideline sheet to help you focus your thoughts as you reflect on various pictures and objects on each table.  Spend an evening slowing down and nurturing yourself in the presence of God this Maundy Thursday.


Good Friday, 7th April

No Service.  Please join other local services this Good Friday


Easter Sunday, 9th April

10:30am:      Easter Sunday Service

A joyous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.