A Jesus-Following, Christian Community
in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Rev. Sylvia Griffiths

Sylvia started life in New Zealand, then predominantly grew up in rural New South Wales before moving to Sydney to study Mathematics at the University of NSW. In 1990 she joined Telecom’s Graduate Training Program which led her to a career as an analyst, macro programmer and software trainer. In 1996 Sylvia started studying part-time at Bible College – just for fun!  Through a series of events, God led her to full time study and ministry. Sylvia became a Pastor in January 2000 and was ordained (became a Reverend) in November 2005. Sylvia is passionate about God’s Word, faith in Jesus and encouraging others in their spiritual journey. She is enthusiastic and bubbly, but the breadth of her life experiences has equipped her to be an empathic support during times of crisis and difficulty. Sylvia married later in life and is blessed with two young children.  She enjoys family movie nights, various forms of craft, piano playing, reading and visiting a nice café with good company.  If you would like to get in touch with her, you can send Sylvia a message via this link.